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Law enforcement agencies provided these reports of their activities this past week. Routine activities such as patrols, inspections, training, report-writing, and assistance to other agencies are excluded. Dates may reflect starting or ending dates of officers’ shifts rather than actual dates of occurrence.


June 6 — A driver was cited for speeding at Ash and E Sts. Equipment donated by McPherson Police Department was picked up. Police responded to a false alarm at Emprise Bank. A disconnected 911 call from the 200 block of S. Madison St. was attributed to kids playing with a phone. No problems were found when checking on a vehicle parked at Hillsboro Community Hospital. A dog reported to be running free in the 400 block of N. Ash St. was not located.

June 7 — Police helped a resident look for a dog, met with another resident about stray cats, and helped a driver locked out of a vehicle in the 400 block of S. Date St. A disconnected 911 call in the 400 block of N. Cedar St. was blamed on accidental dialing.

Thursday — A 38-year-old Hillsboro man was arrested after he allegedly threatened a resident of the 100 block of N. Lincoln St. and was involved in a similar incident at a rural residence outside the city. Drivers were warned about a parking violation at an unreported location and about an equipment violation at US-56 and Kanza Rd. Police checked on a false alarm at Casey’s General Store. Traffic at US-56 and Industrial Dr. was monitored for stop sign violations.

Friday — Harassment by telephone was reported in the 200 block of N. Lincoln St. A dog owner was contacted and picked up a dog running free in the 200 block of S. Birch St. Another dog owner, in the 300 block of S. Kennedy St., was contacted after neighbors complained about barking. Police helped check for cattle out at K-15 and 220th Rd.

Saturday — No problems were found in checking an open door in the 200 block of S. Kennedy St. and an accidental dialing of 911 in the 700 block of S. Lincoln St. A water leak was reported to city crews. Police traveled to Marion to help sheriff’s deputies with a domestic dispute there.

Sunday — Police helped a driver locked out of a vehicle. No problems were found regarding a disconnected 911 call from Parkview Mennonite Brethren Church.

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