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Photographer puts work into book

Beeton plans to sell
book during Art Stroll

Staff writer

Ronald J. Beeton has been taking photos in the Marion County area for nearly 15 years and decided it was time to put his best work into a 38-page book.

Beeton, a resident at the Marion County Lake, said few of the images in his book were taken on a typical “nice day.” He never wants to shoot with just the sun shining and clear skies overhead; it just doesn’t make a good image.

“I like to go out when there’s something going on,” he said. “The picture’s only good if there is something going on that stimulates the surrounds. I like to go out when it’s snowing or in a thunderstorm. Blue skies just don’t cut it.”

While Beeton has spent the majority of his photography career using a film camera, he said he has been trying to get used to his digital. It’s taken five years, but the avid photographer thinks he’s getting the hang of it. But film is still in his blood – and habits, albeit even good ones, are hard to break.

“I’m not into editing my images after I take them,” he said. “I like to do whatever is necessary to get them right the first time.”

That’s one of the things that impressed Gallery 101 of the Flint Hills owner Jan Davis about his work.

“You can’t always find someone who still shoots like a film photographer,” she said.

While most of Beeton’s photographs were take in the Marion and Chase County area, the book also features some photos from Florida and Colorado.

Davis said she is proud to have Beeton as a participant in this year’s Art and Music Stroll, which will be June 2 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Beeton and other area artists will be set up in front of the gallery, allowing residents and visitors to look at their work and perhaps purchase the items.

Beeton said he plans to bring between 12 and 14 of his books to sell, and, if interested buyers want, he said he would be more than happy to sign them. In addition to his books, he also will be bringing some framed prints for people to purchase.

“People in town know what I do,” he said. “I’m there every year. … I’m used to these outdoor shows. I have a tent I could bring, but I don’t think I’ll put it up. If we get any weather, I’ll probably just go inside the gallery and set up shop.”

Beeton’s work can be seen in galleries in Marion, Cottonwood Falls, and Wichita. He also has a website:

Last modified May 30, 2013