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Phone threats evacuate Tabor

A Tabor College groundskeeper, fired for allegedly threatening to shoot up campus, is free on bond this week.

Tabor banned him from campus after evidence was provided by his wife, who reported that she also was threatened.

Harold Stultz, 53, of Hillsboro was apprehended Aug. 1 on suspicion of criminal threat.

Sheriff’s deputies, assisted by Hillsboro police, arrested Stultz after his wife, Jennifer, a former employee of this newspaper, reportedly informed investigator Wilma Mueller that she had received multiple threatening text messages from her husband, Hillsboro police chief Dan Kinning said.

“Some dysfunction in their relationship had been going on for a while,” Sheriff Robert Craft said. “He also threatened physical harm to other family members.”

Stultz allegedly texted to his wife threats directed at Tabor’s business staff. The texts allegedly included threats of severe violence with a semi-automatic weapon, Kinning said.

“No one at Tabor ever saw the messages,” Kinning said. “It was an indirect threat, but it was considered a credible threat.”

Stultz bonded out of jail Aug. 2. Craft said anyone who might potentially have cause for concern was notified.

Amy Doane, director of communications at Tabor, said officials closed and evacuated campus Aug. 3 after police informed them. Tabor also filed a criminal threat complaint that day.

Tabor reopened at 9 a.m. Thursday after Hillsboro police walked through and checked campus buildings.

Doane confirmed that Stultz was fired from National Resources, a contractor company Stultz worked for at Tabor, because of threats he allegedly made against Tabor staff.

As part of his termination, Stultz is no longer allowed on campus, Doane said.

“Safety of our employees and students is a priority for us at all times,” Tabor President Jules Glanzer said. “As a campus community we took preventative measures based on police information and continue to cooperate in the ongoing investigation.”

Kinning said Stultz could face more charges.

Last modified Aug. 11, 2016