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Pet rabbits possibly abandoned

A pair of black and white rabbits was reported loose to Marion police, but they might have been turned loose by the owner, police chief Clinton Jeffrey said.

“Nobody reported them missing,” he said. “Sometimes, I think people don’t want them anymore and, instead of killing them, just let them go.”

Loose rabbits have been seen on occasion these past few years, but there is no ordinance against the pets, Jeffrey said.

“If somebody had a particular rabbit that was a nuisance we’d try to trap it, or provide the resources to relocate it,” he said. “That’s about all we can do.”

Loose rabbits are usually reported in the area of N. Locust and N. Lincoln Sts., but Saturday was the first time police have been alerted to a pair of the animals, Jeffrey said.

“Somebody must have had a pet at one time,” he said. “Every now and then it pops up again, but I haven’t seen two before.”

Last modified Aug. 15, 2019