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Peabody Super Swimmers cleanup at Herington meet

Peabody Super Swimmers won their first meet June 13 at Herington with 600 points. Abilene was second with 400 and Herington took third with 200.

Peabody results were:

Girls 8 and younger: Tori Pickens — 2nd backstroke, 2nd freestyle. Sydney Hodges— 3rd fly, 5th backstroke, 5th breaststroke. Adrianna Newman — 4th fly, 4th breaststroke, 6th freestyle. Emma Schroeder — 5th fly, 6th breaststroke. Lexi Schreiber — 5th backstroke. Medley relay — 1st Hodges, Schroeder, Newman, Pickens. Free relay — 2nd Hodges, Schreider, Newman, Pickens, second.

Boys 8 and younger: Zach Stephy — 3rd fly, 3rd backstroke, 3rd freestyle. Koby Schroeder — 5th fly, 5th breaststroke, 6th freestyle. Anderson — 4th breaststroke, 4th freestyle. Medley relay — 1st Schroeder, Stephy, Anderson. Free relay — 1st Stephy, Schroeder, Anderson.

Girls 9 to 10: Mallory Harris — 5th individual medley, 6th fly. Anna Lubbers — 2nd breaststroke, 5th fly, 6th individual medley. Raegen Schreiber — 3rd breaststroke, 3rd distance, 4th backstroke. Sam Frye — 5th backstroke. Medley relay — 3rd Schreiber, Lubbers, Harris. Free relay — 3rd Lubbers, Harris, Frye, Schreiber.

Boys 9 to 10: Derik Newman — 3rd backstroke, 3rd distance, 4th freestyle, 6th fly. Bryant Young — 4th distance, 6th breaststroke.

Girls 11 to 12: Katy Benson — 1st fly, 2nd individual medley, 3rd breaststroke, third freestyle. Carlee Wentworth — 2nd distance, 3rd fly, 4th freestyle. Alex Lewis — 1st backstroke, 2nd fly, 4th distance. Mackenzie Young — 2nd backstroke, 2nd breaststroke, 4th freestyle. Lexie Anderson — 3rd backstroke. Alanis Bishop — 1st breaststroke, 2nd freestyle, 2nd individual medley. April Newfield — 6th distance. Medley relay A — 1st Young, Bishop, Lewis, Benson. Medley relay B — 2nd Wentworth, Anderson, Newfield. Free relay A — 1st Lewis, Wentworth, Benson. Free relay B — 2nd Young, Newfield, Anderson.

Boys 11 to 12: Brooks Hodges — 1st fly, 1st distance, 2nd freestyle, 3rd backstroke. Braxton Kyle — 1st breaststroke, 2nd individual medley, 3rd fly, 3rd freestyle. Nicholas Preheim — 2nd backstroke, 3rd individual medley, 4th fly, 4th freestyle. Henry Cain — 2nd distance, 5th backstroke, 5th breaststroke. Medley relay — 1st Preheim, Kyle, Brooks, Hodges. Free relay — 1st Hodges, Kyle, Preheim.

Girls 13 to 14: Paige Lewis — 1st fly, 1st breaststroke, 1st freestyle, 1st distance. Kortney Foth — 2nd breaststroke, 3rd fly, 3rd distance, 5th freestyle. Leslie Cain — 1st backstroke, 2nd freestyle, 2nd distance, 4th fly. Lily Harris — 3rd individual medley, 4th backstroke, 4th breaststroke. Medley relay — 1st Lewis, Harris, Foth. Free relay — 1st Foth, Harris, Cain, Lewis.

Boys 13 to 14: Zach Preheim — 1st fly, 1st backstroke, 1st freestyle, 1st distance. Garret Schroeder — 1st individual medley, 2nd breaststroke, 4th fly. Medley relay — 1st Preheim, Seth Topham, Schroeder.

Girls 15 to 18: Embry Hodges — 1st fly, 1st backstroke, 1st freestyle, 1st distance. Julie Wedel — 2nd fly, 2nd breaststroke, 2nd freestyle, 2nd individual medley. Kaitlyn Preheim — 2nd distance, 3rd fly, 4th backstroke. Mikayala Winter — 2nd backstroke, 3rd breaststroke, 3rd individual medley, 4th freestyle. Michaela Methvin — 1st breaststroke, 1st individual medley, 6th freestyle. Medley relay A — 1st Hodges, Methvin, Preheim. Medley relay B — 2nd Winter, Wedel, Cain. Free relay — 1st Wedel, Winter, Preheim, Hodges.

Boys 15 to 18: Brody Kyle — 1st backstroke, 1st individual medley, 2nd fly, 2nd freestyle. Storm Pickens — 1st fly, 1st freestyle, 2nd backstroke, 2nd individual medley. Trevor Foth — 1st distance, 3rd fly, 3rd free. Jordan Riggs — 2nd distance, 4th backstroke, 4th breaststroke, 5th freestyle. Seth Methvin — 1st breaststroke, 3rd individual medley. Medley relay — 1st Kyle, Methvin, Foth. Free relay A — 1st Pickens, Methvin, Foth, Kyle. Free relay B — 2nd Riggs, Jason Wingert, G. Schroeder, Preheim.

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