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Peabody police note rise in crime

“We have had a rash of burglaries and thefts from local residences and motor vehicles in the past month or so,” Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke said this week. “People need to be more cautious and lock their homes and their cars.”

He issued a reminder to residents and visitors to pull the keys from the ignition and lock the doors when they leave their vehicle, even if it is just for a few minutes.

“As residents in a small town, people tend to be pretty trusting when they park their cars at the restaurant or at a business,” he said. “They think they will just be inside for a minute or two. Or they think they have nothing of value to steal.

“But one of the items taken recently was the owner’s manual for the vehicle. That is probably not a huge loss, but it might prove to be inconvenient for the owner,” he added.

“We also would encourage people to lock their doors even when they are home and not to leave a house key in an obvious place like the mailbox, under a brick by the door, or something similar.”

Burke said the very best source of information about incidents like the recent rash of burglaries is the public.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious, call 911 and report it,” he said. “Keep an eye on your neighbor’s property and know who comes and goes from their home, garage, and vehicles. Share information about your own property with people on your block.”

Burke said his department is working diligently on solving the thefts, but any information would be appreciated.

To report any suspicious activity, call 911 or the Peabody Police Department at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified Jan. 25, 2012