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Peabody police chief issues warnings following thefts

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke is urging citizens to lock their vehicles because of the recent increase in burglaries and thefts from cars.

“We have had several reports of burglaries and the theft of personal property left in vehicles,’ Burke said. “Everyone should remember to lock their cars and trucks. Valuables should be locked in the trunk or taken inside.

“And the days of going off and leaving your house or garage unlocked are probably over, too,” he added. “Residents should not assume they are immune to burglary or theft.”

Burke also reminds citizens who use all-terrain vehicles as an alternate form of transportation that if they are going to ride an ATV on private property, they need to have the permission of the property owner.

“If people use ATVs on public streets, they must obey all the traffic ordinances put in place by the city of Peabody for the use of an ATV as a form of transportation,” he said. “And alleys are public streets so the rules apply there as well.”

For more information, contact Burke or an officer at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified Jan. 20, 2011