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Peabody-Burns First grade

I want Mario Gold and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Can Rudolph fly? I hope you have a merry Christmas!

Your friend,
Jace Newman

I want a saddle for Christmas. Santa, does Rudolph show the way when it is foggy? My elf named Walk ripped my TV when he fell.

Your friend,
Logan Esau

I want the Xbox game and Call of Duty. Santa, how do you get in my house? Does Rudolph have a red nose?

Your friend,
Tavin Monares

I want a Baby Alive doll. Santa, is it true that Rudolph has a red nose? Santa, Elfis the elf wrapped toilet paper around my Christmas tree.

Your friend,
Alyssa Holt

How are your elves? May I have a fishing pole? I like to fish at the big lake. Thanks, Santa.

Your friend,
Preston Hiebert

I want a Xbox 360. I want a zombie game. How do your elves make toys? I like Rudolph the reindeer.

Your friend,
Trevor Johnson

I would like the Cinderella movie, princess dresses, and Legos. I like your reindeer. What is your favorite milk, white or chocolate?

Your friend,
Stacy Sattler

I want a 3DS. I want a Bratzillaz Doll. How does the reindeer’s nose glow?

Your friend,
Bella Bedell

I want a RC remote control car for Christmas. How do the reindeer fly? I also want a DS.

Your friend,
Ashton Percival

I want Barbie, and a dream house, and a new note pad. How bright does Rudolph’s nose glow? What do reindeer eat?

Your friend,
Symphony King

I would like a kitchen set, Barbie set, and a reindeer. I like your clothes very much. What is your favorite type of cookies and milk, white or chocolate?

Your friend,
Audrey Bowlin

I hope I get a lot of presents. I hope I get a lot of toy horses. Does Rudolph’s nose glow?

Your friend,
Roselynn Moore

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