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Peabody-Burns 1st grade

Dear Santa,

I would like some play money and a Barbie doll, I can’t wait until Christmas. I wonder if the elves work.

Wilda Brown

Dear Santa,

I like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. I also like you, Santa. Please bring me a B-B gun for Christmas.

Trevor Johnson

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a light saber from Star Wars. Can I have a remote control car also? How many elves are there at the North Pole?

Jager Lewis

Dear Santa,

I want a Ladybug pillow pet. I need a new backpack because my old one is getting ripped up. I am wondering if I will get all my presents. Why don’t we hear the sleigh bells?

Love, Ciara Frye

Dear Santa,

I want some spy gear. How many elves do you have at the North Pole? Do you have any cats at the North Pole? I want a science kit to make paper goo. How many toys do you make in one year? I would like a bug catching kit.

From, Lucas Spencer

Hi, Santa,

I want a 243 rifle. I want a bow and arrows for Christmas. I want a racecar. How do you go down the chimney?

Tanner Parks

Dear Santa,

I want some more Hot Wheel cars, a remote controlled racecar, and a new game for my DS. How many elves do you have?

Merry Christmas, Colton Gossen

Dear Santa,

May I have a machine B-B gun with a handgun? Can I have a bow and arrows? Can you send me a picture of your elves?

From, Dillon Hood

Dear Santa,

How many elves do you have? I would like a Red Rider B-B gun.

Justin Holt

Dear Santa,

I want a camera, an Easy Bake Oven, and Play Dough. Do you really drive a sleigh?

Elizabeth Evans

Merry Christmas, Santa,

I want a Nintendo DS and games to play. I want a Littlest Pet Shop. I want a KU blanket. Where do you keep the reindeer?

Lexi Davis

Merry Christmas, Santa,

I want a Batman action figure and a bad guy. They should both have weapons. How do you get all the toys for Christmas delivered in one night?

Matthew Robinson

Dear Santa,

I want a Wii Dora and a doggie town. How do the elves build toys?

Hayli Newman

Dear Santa,

I want a new Cars 2 Lightning McQueen set and a real Lightning McQueen toy. I want a big globe of the world and a Bomb Blasted Mater.

From, Justus Cayne Spicher

Hello, Santa,

I want a puppy for Christmas. I want a Barbie movie and a Scooby Doo movie, too. I want a Scooby Doo stuffed animal.

From, Samantha Richter

Merry Christmas, Santa,

I want a new Barbie, a Barbie comb, some Barbie clothes, and a Barbie house. I need a new outfit for Christmas. Santa, you are nice. What are the names of your reindeer? How do you get the letters from children?

Love, Brooklyn Moore

Happy New Year, Santa,

I want a sword and a gun so I can kill animals to eat. I would like a DS and a DSI and one of each game. I want a Play Station and games. I want a big box to play in. I need some warm clothes for the cold winter.

From, Kael Hutchinson

Dear Santa,

I want the black dress with a bow that is at the Newton Wal-mart. I want a big pink Barbie house. I need a new pink book bag and a blue lunch bag. What do your elves look like? I wonder if you can make a wish on Rudolph’s nose?

Goodbye, Santa, Janesa Sutton

Dear Santa,

When will you come on Christmas Eve? When you see my stocking, you will fill it with toys. Santa, I want a monster truck. Merry Christmas, Santa.

From Alex Young

Dear Santa,

How many elves are there? What color is your sleigh? How many toys do the elves make? I want a dinosaur for Christmas.

Love, Weston Gaines

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, may I please have a coffee cup, a remote controlled helicopter, and dirt bike? Santa, will you wrap a present for my mom?

Love, Richard Gene George Beam

Dear Santa,

I would like a good day for me, my dad, and my brother to play in the snow. I would like a new car set, a kitten, and some real tools to help my dad. Did my Uncle Charlie help you? Do you have a wife? Is Rudolph with you? Does Rudolph guide your sleigh?

Mason Lee Schreiber

Dear Santa,

I want a DS and games. I want two boy Barbie Bratz named Blaze and Dillon and a girl Barbie Bratz named Chloe. They will all need clothes. I want a Barbie Jet. How many elves are there? Would you like some mix that my mom makes? Can you come to the Christmas party at my Grandma’s house? I want you to meet my Papa Lupe. I hope you feel better on Christmas Day. I want to buy Mrs. Claus some earrings and give you some candy canes off of my Grandma’s tree.

From, Lessi Castleman

Dear Santa,

Can I please have Blade Blade for Christmas? My mom is making chocolate for you. I would like to visit the North Pole.

Merry Christmas, Jacob Steed

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