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Peabody Bucks get new design

PMSA Executive Director

Peabody Economic Development Council is excited to announce the debut this week of a new design for Peabody’s local currency, Peabody Bucks.

The new design features an image of downtown Peabody from the turn of the century. Unlike the traditional green Peabody Bucks, the new design will have a cloudy blue color.

“Hopefully the new design will help revive interest in the local currency,” said Shane Marler, Peabody Economic Development Director. “Giving Peabody Bucks is a fantastic way to support local businesses and keep sales tax dollars right here at home where they are needed most.

“Everyone wants lower taxes and better roads,” he stated, “but a lot of citizens don’t realize we can obtain both of those goals simply by shopping at home.

“We need the tax dollars more than Newton or Wichita,” he added. “They can fend for themselves.”

Unlike the design, the process for using Peabody Bucks will not change. Citizens simply contact Marler at the city building and tell him the denomination they want.

“Depending on the day, I can usually have them ready in an hour or so,” Marler said.

The Bucks can be spent just like cash in participating Peabody businesses. The business owner then redeems the bucks at the city building.

“’Tis the season to purchase Peabody Bucks,” Marler said. “They make great stocking stuffers or are the perfect gift when you just don’t know what to get someone”.

Marler said the city and several local businesses have chosen to use Peabody Bucks as gifts for their employees.

“They just fit every buying situation, and do so much for Peabody,” he said.

The new design was launched Monday.

Last modified Dec. 17, 2008