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Peabody Achievers

Second place Commissioner’s cookie jar.

Morgan Gaines — Agility 1, champion agility 1, blue. Grand champion beef showman, champion senior showman. Grand champion dog, champion senior showman. Novice B, experienced handler with first or second year dog, champion obedience, blue. Meat-type wether/doe less than one year old, class 2, blue, class 1, blue. Summer yearling heifer, reserve grand champion breeding female, champion commercial heifer. Market steer, Shorthorn Plus, reserve grand champion market beef, champion Shorthorn Plus. Market Steer – Crossbred, champion crossbred steer. Reserve grand champion goat showman, champion senior goat showman.

Weston Gaines — Market steer – Simmental, reserve champion Simmental steer. Reserve champion intermediate showman. Senior heifer calves, champion Simmental heifer.

Ellie Good — Non-perishable food product (12 to 14), champion intermediate non-perishable food product, purple. Intermediate fine arts (12 to 13), purple, blue. Yearling commercial doe, blue. Reserve champion intermediate goat showman.

Esther Good— Yearling commercial doe, blue. Junior, (7 to 10), blue. Non-perishable food product, (9 to 11), purple. Junior fine arts (9 to 11), blue (2). Junior crafts (9 to 11), red.

Leo Good — Non-perishable food product (7 to 8), blue. Beginner fine arts (7 to 8), blue (2). New collector exhibit, blue.

Elias Winter — Medium vegetable specimen, blue. Intermediate forest, blue. Pre-agility beginning agility for dog/member done on lead, reserve champion pre agility. Fresh culinary herbs, blue. Small vegetable specimen, blue. Rocket made from kit (9 to 13), blue. Pre novice under 9 years of age, blue. Reserve champion junior showman. Forestry, how to grow trees, red.

Hannah Winter — Cloverbud project, green.

Alex Young — Sweet spreads syrups, one jar, blue. Garden display, blue. Junior doe, blue (2). Goat showmanship, blue. Small vegetable specimen plat, blue. Non-perishable food product, (12 to 14), blue. Market goat, champion dairy wether. Junior doe, dry yearling, reserve champion recorded grades, blue (2), medium vegetable specimen plate, blue. Senior doe, two years and under in milk, ore previously freshened, champion recorded grades, blue.

Last modified Aug. 7, 2019