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PEABODY: 1st grade

First grade

Taught by Donna Hanneman

Dear Santa,

I would like a Christmas sweater to wear. I would also like to have a new lunchbox. I like Rudolph’s shiny nose and antlers. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

For Christmas could you bring me a Batman suit with mask, Hot Wheels cars, money, Mega Nerf gun, Magic Tracks, and a Batman game. I love you, Santa. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How do the elves make all the toys? I have been good so could you bring me Squishy Donuts, a stuffed unicorn, and Surprise balls? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I am asking for a kid’s motorcycle for Christmas. My favorite reindeer is Comet. I like his name. Do the reindeer like to eat candy canes? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Can you bring me a phone for Christmas? I would also like a reading book. Could I also have a bow and arrow so I can hunt with my grandpa? How did you get to our school the other day? I have been good. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I have several things I would like for Christmas. I would like a bow and arrow to shoot snowballs, a green mask that looks like Jim Carrey’s in The Mask, a Super Mario set with Bowser, and a Nintendo Switch. I have learned a lot in school this year. Santa, you are the best! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Are you real? How would I get to the North Pole? For Christmas I want a GX Boost Box with Pokemon cards, a Zombie Apocalypse collection, and a binder for my Pokemon cards. Could you also bring my dogs some toys? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like to have a Nerf gun and a computer of my own at home. Can you help my parents do some of the heavy work that they have to do? Please leave a message on one of my presents that will tell me what the elves do. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I want to be a scientist when I grow up. So, could you bring me a scientist kit and a telescope for Christmas? I would like to look at things with the telescope. I would also like Lego dragons and other dragon toys. Do you have or make toy elves? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I like your reindeer because they can fly. For Christmas I would like my own computer, a stuffed elf, and blocks to build with like the ones we have at school. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I would like to have some Baby Alive clothes and shoes. I would also like a headband. It can be any color. I have been good. Do you have an order that you call your reindeer in? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a coloring kit, a hamster, and a phone. Do the elves talk? Thank you for what you will give me. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

Why do we celebrate Christmas? I really don’t know. I’m curious how the reindeer fly. For Christmas I would like a Lightning McQueen race track, Harry Potter Legos, and a new stuffed animal cat. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I have been good so could you bring me a Vector math robot, a Rubik’s cube and a big, red Gatling Nerf gun? How do the reindeer fly? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like lots of Harry Potter Legos and a Nerf gun. I would also like a robot like my cousins. How do reindeer fly? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

For Christmas, could you bring me a scooter? I would also like a little kid’s jeep that I can drive. The last thing I would like are Wrappels that go on my wrist. Your friend,


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