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PBHS volleyball defeats 2 teams

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The Peabody-Burns High School Lady Warriors had a tough day at the Olpe tournament on Saturday earning one win in five matches. The team defeated Marais des Cygnes, 28-26 and 25-19, but lost to Northern Heights, 15-25 and 16-25, Wabaunsee, 14-25, 26-24, and 15-25, Olpe, 14-25 and 15-25, and Goessel 15-25 and 16-25.

Northern Heights

Two Rayna Barnes kills gave the PBHS team the early lead in game one. Katy Benson added a kill and Paige Lewis had two kills. PBHS led, 8-4, with an ace from Barnes, but Northern Height rallied to tie the game at 10. A Lewis block and kill gave the squad the lead, 13-11. Another huge rally by Northern heights halted the PBHS scoring except for an ace by McKenzie Ensminger. PBHS lost, 15-25.

Barnes opened game two with a kill but the opponent scored 8 unanswered points. Brandee Burnett, Larsen, Barnes and Kaycy Gonzalez each scored points in the 16-25 loss.


In game one, Barnes had two kills for the first Lady Warrior points. Wabaunsee took the lead and PBHS trailed for the remainder of the contest. Lewis had two kills and Ensminger added an ace. PBHS was defeated, 14-25.

PBHS challenged Wabaunsee early in game two with a Barnes kill, a Benson tip, and an ace from Burnett. Gonzalez, Burnett, Barnes, and Lewis each had kills and Cierra Foth added an ace in the winning effort. Lewis ended game two with a kill, 26-24.

Gonzalez, Barnes and Burnett each scored early in game three and PBHS led 6-5. Wabaunsee then rallied and took the 19-10 lead. Gonzalez and Burnett each added a kill and Ensminger had two aces but the Lady Warriors lost the third game, 15-25.


Olpe took the early 9-3 lead in game one, kills were recorded by Barnes, Burnett, Lewis, and Gonzalez. Foth and Gonzalez each added aces but PBHS lost, 14-25.

Burnett opened game two with a kill. Olpe then took control of the contest, Barnes and Lewis each earned blocks in the game. Barnes and Lewis added kills but the Lady Warriors were defeated, 15-25.

Marais des Cygnes

PBHS led 4-2 in game one with kills from Barnes and Lewis. The Lady Warriors built a 9-5 lead with aces from Burnett and Barnes and kills from Lewis and Larsen. MDCV rallied and tied the game at 12. Two aces from Foth late in the game gave the PBHS squad the 24-20 lead but MDCV challenged. Burnett finished the game, 28-26, with a kill.

The Lady Warriors led throughout game two. Lewis, Gonzalez, Burnett, Barnes, and Larsen all recorded kills in the contest. Lewis, Burnett, and Ensminger each scored aces. PBHS won, 25-19.


Gonzalez, Burnett, Larsen, Barnes, and Lewis each had a kill in game one. PBHS was defeated, 15-25.

An ace from Gonzalez gave the PBHS squad the early 2-0 lead in game two. Goessel charged back to take the lead and despite points from Lewis, Gonzalez, and Barnes, the Lady Warriors lost, 16-25.

Two matches at home resulted in one win and one loss for the Lady Warriors on Sept. 18. The squad was triumphant over Wakefield, 25-11 and 25-10, but lost to Centre, 15-25 and 12-25. The team will travel next to Elyria.


PBHS paced the Wakefield squad in game one, building a 14-5 lead. Barnes, Burnett, Gonzalez, and Lewis all had kills for PBHS. A set from Benson earned the team point 23 while Foth assisted in a Gonzalez kill for point 24. The Lady Warriors took the win, 25-11.

Barnes had the first three kills for the PBHS squad in game two but the Lady Warriors trailed early 3-4. Lewis tied the game 5-5 with a kill and a Barnes ace put the PBHS squad in front 6-5. Brianna Larsen earned a kill and Barnes added 3 aces to make the Lady Warrior lead 10-5. Foth got on the board with 3 points with a tip and two aces. McKenzie Ensminger had three aces late in the game and Gonzalez finished the match with an ace, 25-10.


Gonzalez opened game one with a kill but Centre took control, building a 3-10 lead before Larsen got on the board with two kills. Lewis added two aces while Burnett, Barnes and Gonzalez each had kills but PBHS lost the first contest, 15-25.

A Barnes kill put the team on the scoreboard but Centre controlled the tempo of game two. Lewis, Burnett and Gonzalez each had a kill but the team was defeated, 12-25.

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