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PBHS boys end year with a win and a loss

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In the last two games of 2011, Peabody-Burns High School Warriors won one and lost one. The boys posted a 48-43 victory over Burrton Tuesday, and lost to Berean 43-26 on Friday. They will not compete again until January.

At Burrton, Seth Topham opened all scoring with a lay-up for PBHS in the early minutes of the game. Austin Savage made a 3-point shot before Burrton canned two. Hunter Pickens got on the board, answered back by a Charger basket. With less than three minutes left in the first quarter, the Chargers took the lead 8-7 after two foul shots. Topham gave his team the lead with two points from the field, but Burrton again answered back with less than two minutes to play in the period. Wes Shaw scored from the line for Peabody-Burns before a Burrton shot at the buzzer gave the Chargers a one-point lead, 12-11.

In the second quarter, a Savage assist to Topham put the Warriors in front early. Burrton tied the score with a free throw, but three minutes passed before either team scored again. Burrton scored, Shaw put in two for the Warriors, and the game was tied at 15. Charger free throws put them on top before Matt Hiebert of PBHS got on the board with one from the line. Pickens came up with a steal just prior to the buzzer and finished with two points, tying the score at 18 for halftime.

Savage hit a 3-pointer to start the third quarter for PBHS. Burrton scored two but Christian Gard answered with two Warrior points. A string of PBHS points gave the team a 28-22 edge in the third quarter. Gard had seven points, Savage added five and Hiebert three in the Warrior run. They closed out the third period ahead 33-24.

Burrton scored first in the fourth quarter, but Savage had an answer with two points. A technical foul against Burrton netted two more for Gard; then Pickens put in four. PBHS had a 41-26 lead with less than six minutes left in the game. The final score after back and forth baskets was 48-43 with PBHS on top.

Scorers for the Warriors were Savage 14, Gard 12, Pickens 8, Topham 6, Shaw 4, Hiebert 4.

Against Berean, PBHS boys’ team lost 43-26 on Friday.

Berean had 17 points in the first period. The only Warrior offense came from Hiebert who put in a free throw.

Scoring improved in the second quarter with Savage hitting a 3-point shot and Hiebert and Pickens each added two. Even so, Peabody-Burns trailed 30-8 at the half.

Berean added nine points in the third quarter to total 39. PBHS had a Topham basket to make their team total 10.

In the final quarter, Berean scored four. PBHS put in 16.

Final offensive totals for the Warriors were Hiebert 6; Topham 6; Pickens 5; Shaw 3; Savage 3; Kyle 2; Gard 1.

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