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PBES students letters to Santa

Mary Thiessen’s
kindergarten class
Elementary School

Dear Santa,

What kind of food do you have? I want a yellow remote control car and a police car set. I want a bike, fire truck, and an Xbox. I want a jacket with guitars and microphones. I want games for my Xbox: The Simpsons, Grand Theft Auto, and Family Guy. Love,

Richie Beam

I want Nerf toy guns — a big Stampede and a small Stampede. What does Rudolph eat? From,

Wayne Bollte

I want two pretty Barbies. I want a white Jeep. I want a dog and a cat for Barbie. I want a baby girl doll.

Taige Cartmell

I would like two Barbies and two Polly Pockets. I will never forget you. I will come visit you when it is Christmas. We have a beautiful Christmas tree. Brianna and I decorated it.

Elizabeth Evans

I want a Pillow Pet. I would like a kitty puzzle. I want a Cooty Game. I want DSi games. Love,

Ciara Frey

Hi, Santa. I want a race track. I love you.

Weston Gaines

What can I have for Christmas. I want a giant gorilla. I want a Dragon World Fortress. I want a G-force remote-controlled Wii game. I am wondering if Rudolph is real.

Colton Gossen

I want the Master Monster Truck Wrastlin’ Ring. From,

Justin Holt

What do you eat? I want 10 Barbies and clothes for them. I want markers to color with. I want a red hamster. I want a Littlest Pet Shop.

Bella Johnson

I want some stuffing. I want a fire truck with firemen. I want a dump truck. I want a toy spider and turtle. I need a new book bag. Goodbye.

Trevor Johnson

I will see you today at Walmart. I will sit on your lap. My birthday is Sept. 8. I want a Tinkerbell set. I want a new purple shirt and pants. I want a Hannah Montana and Mickey Mouse movie. I want a computer and a camera.

Brooklyn Kelsey

I like that you go to Walmart. I like the presents you bring. I want a telescope and a guitar. Your friend,

Jager Lewis

What is your favorite food? Thank you for bringing me some presents. I want two Brats. I want fake makeup. I want a new cowgirl hat. Your friend,

Brooklyn Moore

I love you, Santa. I want a princess dress. I want a real kitty and a real puppy. I would like cymbals. I want a sand bucket and a Bop. I want a toy for my brothers and sisters. Love, your friend,

Wylda Brown

Could I have a toy racetrack? Could I see Rudolph?

Tanner Parks

Can I have presents? I want a white robot dog that comes with a collar and a treat.

Samantha Richter

Merry Christmas, Santa. Ho, Ho, Ho. I want a Nerf Stampede gun, vest, and belt. I want a collection of Batman toys and a Joker character. Why do you have to fly to people’s house? Thanks for the presents.

Matthew Robinson

I want portable board games and all the Geo tracks. I would like a drum set. I want any kind of Pillow Pet.

Lukas Spencer

I want an Etch-A-Sketch. I would like a guitar. I want a new Lightning car. I would like a pet snail, a pet mouse, a pet frog, and another pet cat. I like your reindeer, your sleigh, and your house. I am happy you are coming soon. Love,

Justus Spicher

I want a GPS for our car. I want a Creepy Crawler bug. I want a monkey Pillow Pet.

Jacob Steed

What kind of food do you like? I want Silly Bands. I would like a laser light. I want a real firefly with a cage. I want a DSi game. Love,

Janessa Sutton

I want a remote-controlled dump truck. I want a Monster Dirt Digger. I want a Phone Monster and a Pencil Monster. I hope it doesn’t attack my dog. I would like letter and number cards. Your friend,

Dakota Thompson

I want a skateboard. I want a bow and arrow. I want a guitar.

Sara Tighe

I want a Monster Truck. I would like an Army Tank. Santa, won’t you show me Rudolph on the roof? Your friend,

Alex Young

Donna Hanneman’s first-grade class

Dear Santa,

Can you please give me the best gift, the game Loops? I would also like a new scooter. Do the elves really make all the presents? Have a Merry Christmas! Your friend,

Corbin Marple

I want a remote-controlled dinosaur named Rex and a new house. How do the reindeer fly? Have a Merry Christmas! Your friend,

Ethan Ramsey

I would like a brand new John Deere tractor and a new John Deere tractor toy for my dog. Are your elves real? I would also like to see what you really look like. Happy Holidays! Your friend,

Kaleb Ehlrich

I want a Power Ranger and a new red bike with the No. 1 with a matching helmet. How old are you? Have a Merry Christmas, Santa! Ho! Ho! Ho! Your pal,

Johnathan Glover

I want two guitars and one drum. I like to play in the snow. Do you? Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Love,

Blake Percival

I like Santa’s toys. I would like a toy made by Santa. I want a Crisscross Crash track. How do you make toys? Have a Merry Christmas, Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho! Yours truly,

Tommy Salas

I want a remote-controlled car and a foam football. What kind of games do the reindeer play? Have a Merry Christmas! Love,

Philip Young

I would like some computer games. Do you like turkey sandwiches? Goodbye, Santa! I will write to you next year! Your best friend,

Sarah Spencer

I want a Zhu Zhu Pet and a new green dress with black stripes. How are your reindeer doing? I wish you a Merry Christmas, Santa! Happy Holidays,

Chalesea Stout

I would like for Christmas Jessie off of “Toy Story” and a motorcycle. What do reindeer eat? Merry Christmas! Love,

Miranda Shaffer

I want DS games and pink slippers. Do you fly your sled? Thanks for the presents! Love,

Mya Winter

I would like a Nerf gun and a robot. How do the reindeer fly? I wish you a Merry Christmas, Santa! From,

Alex Caldwell

Please bring me for Christmas a penguin Pillow Pet and a snowman snow globe. Where do you live? Merry Christmas! See you next year,

Isabelle Loucks

I want an Optimus Prime Transformer and a Xbox 360 game. How do you get the presents under the tree if you don’t have a chimney? I’ll write next year! Merry Christmas,

Jake Partridge

I would like for Christmas a remote- controlled cycle and a remote-controlled Mustang car. How do reindeer fly? Thank you for the presents, Santa! Happy Holidays,

Aries Baldwin

I want for Christmas a makeup kit and a princess with a castle. Why do you bring toys to us? Happy Holidays! From,

Desyra Tighe

I would like a guitar and a remote-controlled car. Do you wear red every day? Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas,

Davon Johnson

I would like a big skateboard and a remote-controlled Monster Truck. Why do you come down the chimney? See you next year. Happy Holidays,

Hunter Navrat

I want a Bionicle and a big Star Wars ship. Is Rudolph real? I’ll write next year. From,

Isaac Bayes

I want a remote-controlled Monster Truck and Transformers. What does your workshop look like? Have a good Christmas Day! Your pal,

Anthony Huls

Please bring me a remote-controlled Monster Truck and a Hot Wheels track for Christmas. Where do the reindeer live? See you next year. Happy Holidays,

Jeremy Sears

Louise Whiteman’s second-grade class

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I want a Nintendo DSi, a Game Boy, match cars, Hot Wheels, a parrot, a Hot Wheels hat, DSi games, a lava lamp that is green, a play vest, a light sabre that is green. How are the reindeer?

Will Peters

I want a baby cat, DS games. I want a baby fox. I want a baby puppy. I want an iPod.

Jayden Cartmell

Could you please give me a buckle gun? Could I have a Wii? Could you please give me a DSi XL?

Daniel Hammann

I want you to surprise me.

Lois Monares

I want a dog and a remote-controlled car.

Christian Moore

I want a video helicopter. I want a DS with wrestling games and a Wheel of Fortune game.

Chance Johnson

Santa, please get me a Rapunzel tower and Barbie doll and a necklace. How is Rudolph doing?

Rebekah Davis

I want a manure spreader and a bike and a deer family.

Lane Gregory Watkins

How is Mrs. Claus? Is she doing fine? I hope you get me good presents. I love you, Santa.

Madyson Foth

I would like a Baby-All-Gone and a swimsuit and a hamster. How is Mrs. Claus? How are the reindeer?

Emma Schroeder

1. Hero factory. 2 Iron Man. 3. Hill reach. 4. Star Wars the Clone Wars. 5 Fushigia. 6. Bacon. 7. How to Train Your Dragon.

Miles Rickard

I want a Chici Bella and a clean paper journal. Oh and how is Rudolph and Mrs. Claus? Oh and how are you, Santa? Ha ha ha ha that is so funny. Goodbye!

Hadlye Clark

I want a Nerf gun and a game called Call of Duty 1 and 2. I want a pool table. I want a Sonic the Hedgehog game. I want a bigger hamster cage. I want a 5,000,000 dollar bill. I want another Xbox 360. I want some dirt bike gas. I want a real four-wheeler. I want a DSi XL.

Alex Ramsey

I want a puppy, cat, DS, Wii, Wii Fit Plus, PS3, “Iron Man 2” the movie, bull dog, tarantula, “Toy Story 3” the movie, “Toy Story 3” the game.

Kirshawn Stevens

I would like a keyboard and drum set. I would like a guitar. I hope you can make it on time to all the little kids because it might be snowing a lot.

Amber Nicole Cubbage-Williams

Dear Mrs. Claus,

How are your reindeer? How are you doing?

Mercedes Kelsey

Emily Bowlin’s
third-grade class

Dear Santa,

Have I been good enough to get 200 presents? How are you and your elves and Mrs. Claus? I want a new house for Christmas, my own room, and most of all … I don’t know! So blah blah blah blah blaaah! I think my family will leave cookies and milk.

Lindsey Frye

How hard are your elves working? I hope they’re making me a whole bunch of stuff. I want a game called Left for Dead 2 and one million dollars. How fast can you travel around the world? How do your reindeer fly?

Caleb VanCuren

How are you? I want money, A DSi, a camera, a real phone, and a Game Boy. That’s it.

Lexi Schrieber

How fast can the elves make toys? Do you have an elf that looks like Elvis?

Trent Schroeder

How are the elves? Do you know what I want? I want and an iPod Touch, a Pillow Pet panda bear, and clothes for me.

Morgan Gaines

Hi. So do you want to tell jokes? Yes? What is black and white and red all over? A dog? No. It’s a newspaper! Ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho back at you. I want a toy. I don’t know what I want.

Thomas Page

Is Rudolph’s nose a light bulb? Well, I want a hover board, snowboard, Nerf guns, and the rest a surprise. Why is Frosty a monster?

Collin Brown

How are you? Hey, I was wondering how old you are. Are you 1,000 or 50,000? I don’t know. I want a DS, an iPod, some drums, a whip, mechanical pencils, a mitt, a ball.

Landon Rives

I want a PSP with Lego Indiana Jones and another Lego game called Lego Star Wars. May I please have Lego Batman, too? That would be great. P.S. I left you some chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Cory Fisher

How are your elves? Your beard is fluffy. Your mustache is, too. What am I getting for Christmas? What do you do for a living?

Maddy Beal

I would like some new games for my Game Boy, some Lego guys, and a CD player.

Lonney Patterson

How small are elves? I would like a Nerf long strike, a remote-controlled air hog helicopter that shoots, a pocketknife, Lego Star Wars Big Walker, Wii, and Kirby Epic Yarn.

Joshua Loucks

How are you doing? Do you know what I want for Christmas? I want a DS. That is all.

Adrianna Newman

I want a DS for Christmas. I want a remote-controlled car for Christmas. I want an Xbox 360 just for me. I want a Wii just for me.

Jess Philpott

What are you and the elves doing today? I always wanted to know what it is like. Is it cold? Are there penguins there?

Summer Watkins

How are you? How are the elves? Do you still have Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer? What I want for Christmas is a fake puppy.

Mone Fritz

How are your elves and workshop? I want some jewelry, snow globes, shoes, a hoody, and you to come to my house … please? Christmas is my favorite holiday. Not because of the presents but because it is a joyful holiday! Who does not like to be happy! When you’re happy you get to laugh. I also have another question. What kind of milk and cookies do you like? Or muffins? Oh, I almost forgot to say please leave a sign that you were at my house. That is all. I have to say goodbye.

Paige Garcia

My list: a Lego game, Lego set with men, and a toy gun. I’ll have oatmeal and milk for you.

Ashtin Loewen

I would like a bow and arrow, an autograph, fishing pole, phone that can call and text, two dirt bikes, and a camera.

Jack Parks

I want new dirt bike graphics, a DS, a toy robot, and a pet dog.

Taven Scott

I don’t want toys. I want Christmas. By the way, how are you doing? How is the North Pole?

Koby Schroeder

How tall are your elves? I want a DS for Christmas please. How is Rudolph?

Sienna Richter

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