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PBES fifth grade students address community problems

The Editor:

I think nobody should do it because the volunteers do so much for the community and we need to respect that. Just this summer I saw a volunteer planting all the plants in the ground. But now to think somebody tore up everything.

If you put up Christmas lights would you like somebody to tear them down? Just think about that.

About the HUB, maybe people working there should look for things like that and call the police.

I think for plugging the bathroom you should put padlocks on the restrooms after 10 p.m. If you move the trash can they can’t get up to the roof.

You can put this in the newspaper.


To The Editor:

I read your story and why would people do that? I don’t understand. They’re just wasting all that stuff. I think it would be stupid to do it.

Did the people finally get it? Did they ever do it right?

Well, I don’t know anyway, and if you tell me, then I guess I’ll know. Then I will send you another letter or something like that. I do not know why.

Oh, and by the way it was the Tell Me Why You Do It story just if you were wondering. I loved your story and it was, I Don’t Know.

I hope you like my letter. Oh, and thank you for writing the story.


To The Editor:

People do it because they are cruel, rude, mean, you name it.

We should put video cameras on the street lights and at the park so we could figure out who does it.

I mean seriously, kids and teenagers shouldn’t be out at that time, around 9 or 10 o’clock. Kids and teens should be at home at that time.


To The Editor:

I have not done any of those things, and I don’t plan to.

However, some people just enjoy doing mean things. But, I bet they wouldn’t like it if we went and tore up their territory.

If you don’t know the golden rule, well, here it is: treat others the way you want to be treated!

Because, who knows, someone could do that to you someday, like damage a prized possession like your car! When you don’t have a penny for the repair!

People volunteer a lot of their time and money, just to make the little town of Peabody a nicer place to live. I guess some people just don’t care.

You know, just because we’re kids doesn’t mean we can’t help make a better community!!


P.S. Please put mine in the paper!

To The Editor:

I am trying to reply to your letter. I don’t know who did this, but I might have some ideas why they might do it.

Who would do such a thing?

I mean who would want to trash this community? This town of Peabody paid a lot of money for the HUB and plants to make this town look beautiful.

I think that the people who are vandalizing the town might have something to do with friendship. What I’m trying to say is that there might be a gang like you said. They’re daring each other to do something awful to this very historic town. They just might be mad at someone and they’re taking it out on our wonderful town.

I think that they should skateboard on their own lawn and stuff like that.

Why litter? It’s going to take a long time to pick it up.

Why destroy beautiful Christmas lights? They make the town light up at night.

Maybe they’re too lazy to throw away their trash. How about they recycle? That saves money and work to do instead of walking around picking up trash all day.

I hope that was enough.


To The Editor:

I don’t know who would do such a thing. It’s just destroying our town. I have some idea why.

I think it is just what you thought, a gang. I think that they are daring each other if they don’t do it, they are going to do something to each other. For example, they might not want to be friends because they think that you’re not cool. Or maybe they will hurt you by words or hurt you really bad. I don’t know why would try to do such a thing.

Maybe they are mad and they’re taking it out on the wonderful town. It makes me mad when I’m walking and I see trash and broken bulbs.

Who would want to destroy the HUB? It’s such a nice place. A lot of effort went into that place and who would want to destroy the Christmas lights? They are all so beautiful.


To The Editor:

I’m not a bad kid. I barely go to the HUB. I only go past the HUB on my bike. I only go into the HUB when I need to go to the rest room and that is not often.

It’s getting so cold people are starting to stay at home.

I hear people have pulled some plants out of the ground. I love plants. So why would people want to kill them? They are living like us. What if we were plants and we were yanked out of the ground? We will die like the plants did! People do that because they think it is cool and funny. They have no responsibility.

People like me have responsibility.

Amanda Lee

To The Editor:

Thank you for the newspapers. It is very nice of you.

So I have some reasons why people vandalize.

First of all, it’s against the law. The vandalizers could hurt people and may themselves.

It would, as well, be a waste of money from the donators and the government because they spend a lot of money on that stuff and then they have to buy it again.

Vandalizers probably do it because they are bored. When they have nothing to do, vandalizers think it would be fun to destroy the city.


To The Editor:

I am not a bad person. I don’t want to tear off leaves, litter, and break into the pool at night.

Why would someone do this?

I don’t want someone to come here and then leave disgusted. I want someone to come here and stay here. Who would do this? Why would someone do this?

They are bad people and they do this for fun. They must feel good for doing that.

I want a clean environment, not a dirty one. When people litter it clogs up the sewer and the drainage system.


To The Editor:

I’m Genaka and I’m a fifth grade student and I say “yes” to your exciting letter.

Your letter is terrific!

Thanks for giving us the newspaper.

I’m so happy you’re willing to give fifth graders the opportunity to read and understand life around the county.

I would not mess stuff up. I’m not stupid or dumb. I’m not bad, I am marvelous!

I would not do this because:

1. I’m nice

2. Why would I do such a thing?

3. My mom taught me not to!

4. I would get grounded!

5. I’m not bad.

6. I’m way too busy doing good stuff.

7. What’s the point?

8. I’m awesome

9. I’m sweet

10. I’m Genaka

I want to live in a nice county. I mean, I wouldn’t want someone to come here and say, “What did they do to this place? It’s very trashy!”

Well, I hope you like my letter.


P. S. Add comics to the newspaper!

To The Editor:

A lot of kids think it is funny to rip up flowers and smash light bulbs and break Christmas lights.

I would not rip up flowers or smash light bulbs or break Christmas.

People probably spent lots of money and time to plant these flowers in the park and putting up lights too.

I want them to stop so we can have more visitors to Peabody. Will you help us try to stop them from messing up our town, please? Help stop them, Mrs. Marshall.

It would help if we had police officers watching the park at night and morning time.

Every day it gets messy. We just want them to stop this stuff they’re doing.


To The Editor:

Thanks for providing the paper for our class. It’s an enjoyment to read.

I think kids do vandalism because they think it’s funny. I would not do vandalism because I want our town to look good. Kids also vandalize because they thing it’s cool, fun, and mean. I don’t know why vandalism is a thrill to them; they just like to destroy good things by kicking and throwing.

They litter because they think, “What will it do?” I guess they just don’t really care.

Thanks for listening.


To The Editor:

Before I talk to you about the answer to your article I have something to say. Thank you for delivering us the paper every week. Plus the paper would be nicer if it had comics.

OK, now I’m going to tell you.

Some kids think that it’s amusing to do that kind of stuff. Some kids think it is hilarious. But I’ts serious!

This vandalism has to stop immediately. The beauty of our town is at stake. What do you think visitors are going to think when they see litter in the streets and in front of the store?

I’ll tell you what they are going to think, “It looks trashy.”

As for me I would never do anything like that. Why would someone (or someones) tear and break something that someone took the time to put up? Think of the despair a lot of people are in because their stuff is broken.

I think that it’s tragic and needs to stop now. I hope these vandals are brought to justice.


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