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Pay attention

You may have noticed in the city newsletter and this newspaper that Peabody will be engaged in a semi-annual citywide cleanup next week. It is time to clear out that mess and clutter in the garage, basement, or backyard. The rule of thumb here is that if you haven’t touched that stuff in two years, you aren’t likely to use it ever. Get rid of it.

This is the time to unload things that could be toxic or dangerous to you, your family, or your pets. You can dump just about anything and not have to write a big check to do so. Exceptions are items that use refrigerants — air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators — and construction or demolition materials. Those items will not be picked up; neither will yard waste or plant trimmings. They must be taken to the burn pit. Tires will be picked up, but there will be a charge and it will be attached to your next utility bill (and you must make arrangements in advance by calling the city building).

However, everything else is fair game during the citywide cleanup. Furniture, rugs, televisions, appliances, and all the other leftovers of your life can be hauled away for you.

Chemicals and cleaners, paint, stripper, tar, and other icky stuff can all be taken to the toxic waste disposal unit at First and Vine streets in the morning Oct. 21. That stuff will be out of your life forever.

Everything else (except the above mentioned prohibited items) can be taken to the roll-off dumpsters at First and Olive on Monday and Wednesday nights or Saturday morning. It also can be hauled to the curb for pickup on Oct. 19. If it is loose, you must box it, bag it, or tie it in bundles for pickup. Either way, it will be gone.

Questions? Call the city building at (620) 983-2174 and get started.


Last modified Oct. 11, 2012