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Parties choose candidates for commission

Staff writer

Democrats and Republicans alike met Saturday to choose their candidates for two newly created county commission districts.

The county Republican Party elected David Crofoot as its District 4 candidate after hearing from Crofoot, former commissioner Dan Holub, and Dick McLinden.

The county Democratic Party selected Trayce Warner, who serves on Florence city council, as candidate for District 4.

“Up until about a week and a half ago I hadn’t even considered running,” Warner said. “I went to all those county meetings just to make sure Florence was represented in the process.”

Warner said she isn’t tied to party politics.

“I’m really committed to working for my community, whatever size my community is,” Warner said. “I will always listen and I will always stand up for what I believe to be right. That’s really the gist of why I serve.”

Eileen Seiger, county chairman, said 37 people attended the party meeting, coming from all corners of the county despite roads being slippery because of icy and snowy weather.

The Democratic Party did not nominate anyone to serve District 5.

“We did not find anyone that wanted to do it,” Seiger said.

Crofoot said: “I think we need some leadership and hopefully I can help with that with my leadership experience with owning a business and overseeing a sales force.”

Crofoot said he’s been active in the community and the Republican Party many years.

“At the Republican party meeting we had 51 voting,” said party chairman Bob Brookens.

Brookens said 30 onlookers also attended the meeting to see how business proceeded.

Hillsboro city councilman Jonah Gehring won the Republican vote for District 5 candidate. Stan Conover also was a nominee.

Brookens spoke well of all candidates.

“There wasn’t a weak one in the group,” he said.

Brookens said Saturday’s cold and wet weather didn’t have as much effect on turnout as he’d guessed it would.

Last modified Jan. 23, 2019