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Oversized loads Q&A

The Record asked Kansas Department of Transportation questions motorists might have about routing oversized and overweight loads.

Q: Do companies pay a fee to route oversized loads?

A: No, but businesses pay a fee for permits. The fee varies based on the type of permit issued. Fees are set by Kansas statute.

Q: What should drivers do when they encounter an oversized and overweight load?

A: Be alert for flashing lights. If you see a passenger-sized vehicle with flashing lights, expect an oversized and overweight load or another vehicle within the next half-mile. Be patient. Be prepared to stop. Follow at a safe distance. Give space to the loads. Everyone’s safety is important.

Q: Have any crashes occurred due to oversized and overweight loads since current wind farm work started?

A: KDOT is not aware of any crash reports associated with the Marion County wind farm.

Q: Why does it sometimes appear that superloads parked at rest stops haven’t moved overnight?

A: Loads waiting at rest stops may not always be due to a permit issue. Construction at wind farms involves a specific sequence for building these structures. Loads arriving early may have to wait until the site is ready to accept the loads.

Last modified Nov. 16, 2022