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Organization going to bat for county

The fight between the county and the state regarding a property tax exemption for a pipeline isn’t over yet. Six counties, including Marion County, now have the support of Kansas Association of Counties.

The organization recently decided to support the counties in fighting a tax exemption yet to be filed by TransCanada/Keystone Pipeline if and when it would go before the state court of tax appeals.

Kansas is the only state in the country that offered property tax exemptions to the oil-drilling and production company from Canada — costing local governments millions of dollars in potential tax revenue during the next 10 years.

Just think what that could mean for Marion County — a new jail without increasing taxes, road improvements, actually following the county’s comprehensive plan for development. Most importantly, it would mean a proactive county instead of a reactive one.

It’s tough to get down to the real business of setting county policy and managing taxpayers’ money when the governing board is concerned about a jail and roads.

Let’s hope KAC has some clout with the state and the appeals board listens.

— susan berg

Last modified Sept. 8, 2010