• Last modified 450 days ago (Jan. 26, 2023)


Opening up on openness

Kudos to the Marion-Florence school board for quickly identifying a well-qualified candidate for superintendent and for adopting a more inclusive process for selecting him.

We would have preferred if the school board had scheduled open sessions with the general public and allowed anyone interested to ask questions of the candidates, as Hillsboro did in its superintendent search last year.

However, including a large group of stakeholders, all with some connection to the schools, in the interview process — even if it was done behind closed doors — was a step in the right direction. Maybe next time, the doors will be open instead of closed.

Making everyone — even people not connected to the schools — feel as if they had a voice in selecting a superintendent isn’t just something to do to show commitment to openness. It also makes those who participate feel part of the process and thus creates an important initial level of trust rather than distrust for the person selected.

Openness in filling positions isn’t just for the public. It also helps those who end up being selected.


Last modified Jan. 26, 2023