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Old Florence nursing home to become hotel

Cleaning, repairing for residential hotel continues in Florence

Managing editor

Progress continues to be made at a former nursing home in Florence.

The building, formerly Florence Health Care, had been vacant for seven years until David Weseloh of Midland, Texas, purchased it last month.

Since the purchase, Weseloh has hired Royce and Sue Webster as managers of Sunshine Residential Center, a residential hotel that will cater to senior citizens.

The Websters have lived in Florence for four years. He recently was laid off from Agco in Hesston. She had been commuting to Newton every day.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity,” Sue Webster said. “We prayed something would come up.”

Mary Shipman recommended the Websters, Weseloh said.

“She is very aggressive and really sold me on the city,” he said. “She helped me a lot.”

The Websters live about a block from the center and will be available to assist residents on a moment’s notice.

This week, they are cleaning the grounds and one of the building’s three wings.

One wing, the kitchen, and dining room will be improved. As time goes on, other areas of the 32-room facility will be renovated.

Weseloh hopes current work will be done within the month so he can open for business.

Renovation and maintenance will include repair or replacement of plumbing and a lot of cleaning.

Weseloh also has purchased a house near the former nursing home. A property manager will live there and oversee the business.

Another opportunity is available for someone to operate the kitchen, which will serve residents and could be open to the community.

“There are three requirements for the restaurant,” Weseloh said. “It has to be clean and sanitary, prices have to be reasonable, and the food has to be nutritious and delicious.”

Some hospital beds remain in the facility. Weseloh wants to trade them for regular beds.

Costs for residents will start at $14.95 a day or $99.95 a week. Meals will cost extra.

An exercise room and housekeeping will be provided.

“This is a great deal for someone on a fixed income because they don’t have to worry about yard work or taking care of a house,” Weseloh said. “Plus they would have companionship.”

Anyone interested in becoming a tenant, should call the Websters at (316) 288-0610.

Last modified Aug. 13, 2009