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Off the Record

Here are the top 10 things for which I’m thankful:

10. To live in a country where we can express our opinions without fear.

9. To have four seasons. My knees and leg would love to live in a climate that is warm year-round, but the rest of me appreciate each season.

8. To live with a bunch of busy bodies. Where else but in our close-knit communities do we share our lives with each other.

7. To find humor in everyday life. Some days, being able to laugh at ourselves makes us healthier and happier.

6. To live in a community that cares about each other. When a crisis or tragedy occurs, people step up and help.

5. To have a job. There are so many people without jobs. Their unemployment benefits have ended, but the bills haven’t.

4. To live in a country where we can worship God without fear.

3. To be able to walking — on both legs.

2. For good health. My dad used to say a person’s health was the most important thing to have. He’s right. We all should be thankful for our health — especially those days when nothing hurts.

1. For having a family that loves me — warts and all.

— susan berg

Last modified Nov. 23, 2010