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Off-season work should pay off for PBHS Warriors

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A core group of 11 seniors will lead the Peabody-Burns football program in a new direction. The Warriors will join the new Wheat State League and will compete as an 8-man team.

The squad opened on the road Friday at Centre and will make their home debut Friday, taking on Wakefield.

Storm Pickens is a third-year starter for the Peabody-Burns squad. He will take on the halfback and defensive back positions. With his improved speed, the PBHS squad will count on him for some one-on-one action in the passing and the running game. He has bulked up in the offseason with the addition of 25 pounds.

Trevor Foth is a third-year starter and will be center for the offense. He also will spend time at defensive tackle and will be the shotgun snapper. He has speed and will be depended on for solid lead blocks.

Derek Price does many things for the Warriors. He will play in the slot offense and be a defensive back on the other side of the ball. He is a speedster and hopefully will make big plays on defense as well as offense.

Third-year starter Clint Jones will be a defensive end and offensive guard. He has deceptive speed for a big guy and will be crucial in the speed rush scheme.

Spencer Moffett, a third-year starter will be an offensive guard and defensive tackle for the Warriors. He is one of the strongest linemen and practices hard.

Joseph Lopez has started for the Warriors the past two years. He has good hands. The Warriors will work him into the offensive scheme at tightend.

Jacob Gillet is a second-year team member that had improved his strength in the off-season. He is also faster and has good hands. He will be relied on to catch passes downfield and make plays after the catch.

Daniel Martinez is a defensive player with varsity experience. He will have the responsibility to control the middle of the defense.

Abe Eldridge returns to the PBHS program this year. He brings the house on every defensive play. His motor runs continuously and will have the responsibility of back-up quarterback.

Andrew Sheffler is a returning varsity player with good hands and speed. He will play at slot or tight-end.

Trevor Hatton is in the program for the first year. He has learned a lot in a short time. He has speed and good hands. The PBHS squad hopes to utilize him in the passing game and he will be put in at defensive back.

Two juniors will have big roles for the 2010 Warrior squad.

Brody Kyle is a second-year starter that will be a split-end and defensive back. He has worked hard in the summer to ensure size for the coming season. He has good athletic ability and strength and makes tackles on defense.

Brent Jones, also a junior, is a second-year varsity player. He will start at defensive end and do some back-up time at guard on offense. He is strong on fundamentals.

The rest of the impact players for the PBHS 2010 season are sophomores.

Hunter Pickens will again lead the team as quarterback. Last year was a tough year for the youngster, but he is now stronger and faster and is looking for better protection in the system this season. He will also play at the defensive back position.

Austin Savage is a second-year varsity player and will start at tightend. He will also play on the defense line or end. He has put in a lot of work in the off-season to get bigger and stronger.

Lucas Larsen is a second-year varsity player that will have responsibilities on the defensive line and end. With speed, he will play guard on offense and has the potential for big plays on defense.

Second-year player Wes Shaw will be a defensive linebacker and will back-up the tailback position. He has a nose for the football and tends to be in the thick of things.

The Warriors are coached again by David Pickens and assisted by Bob Kyle.

“As a whole, this bunch of guys worked tremendously hard in the off-season to get stronger, faster, and smarter,” Pickens said. “They are certainly looking forward to the new league, the schedule, and the challenges of an 8-man scheme. They will be competitive and looking for victories.”

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