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Observations while I travel

Guess what? I know where the University of Northern Iowa is. I used to live there. Hack, spit, and patooie. Yup, I did — Cedar Falls, Iowa. My dad was a professor of music education at the time and the college was small, called Iowa State Teachers College. It did what state teachers’ colleges then did all over the country — trained prospective teachers. It was a comfortable community, a great place to be a kid.

I don’t even know if they had a basketball team in those days, although I suppose they did. All of this has nothing to do with anything except that I know there is a real school behind this team that just knocked off the first-place team of the No. 1 seeds. A real school and a real town. I just bet they are going nuts. And wouldn’t you?

No matter how far they go — or don’t — those young men from UNI did the unthinkable against KU. For them it is a game to remember. They were on and the Jayhawks barely showed up to play; a righteous win.

I drove out to Colorado Wednesday afternoon to visit my mom, and because of the snow storm didn’t head back in this direction until Saturday afternoon. I got part way here and spent the night, continuing home on Sunday. And everywhere I stopped on the way home, in coffee shops and travel plazas from Goodland to Salina, Kansans were talking about that basketball game … all across the state. The youngest daughter posted a message on her Facebook page that she would move forward to cheer on Kansas State after their win Saturday evening. She is a solid Jayhawk fan, but good for her. We will follow her lead and be proud and purple if only for the briefest of times.

After the Jayhawks crashed and burned, she wrote that “because I am a good sport and I love Kansas, I am now going to cheer for Kansas State. Don’t hate.”

While on the topic of a trip to Colorado, I should warn you of an unseen danger in going there and back in the same week that the country observes the switch to daylight saving time. Your body will not be thrilled with any of these adjustments, I promise you.

I never even thought of this as an issue, but like everyone else I lost an hour Sunday morning before I headed to Colorado when my clock did the annual “spring forward” thing.

Then on Wednesday I took off west across the Kansas plains toward a Mountain Time zone and arrived there in the evening, regaining the hour I had lost just days before. I spent three days in that time zone, which I think was sort of like not having lost that hour in the first place.

Then, I began the day Saturday still on Mountain Time, but left about 1 p.m. and drove back into Central Standard Time by evening and spent the night just this side of the Mountain-Central zone divide. By then I had lost the ability to figure out if I had lost an hour (or two) or gained an hour (or two.)

So how do you think my body was doing by then with that re-re-re-adjustment? And what time zone was running my inner self? Did my inner self know this? Did it care? Who was I and just what day was it anyway?

Sheesh. Thank goodness nothing big is riding on this, because I am beyond being able to figure the answer. I just know that I need a serious nap.

— Susan Marshall

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