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No state help with Pilsen road

News editor

Marion County received a letter back from Kansas Department of Transportation offering no aid for paving Remington Road between U.S. 56 and 290th Road.

Marion County Commission had recently sent a request for any available assistance, along with photos showing how narrow the road is, how steep the ditches are in places, and how dusty the road can be.

The road receives more out-of-county traffic than most other non-highways, as people make trips to Pilsen in honor of Father Emil Kapaun, who is to be awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in the Korean War and is a candidate for sainthood. Commissioner Dan Holub worries about the safety of a dusty gravel road with so many people driving on it who are unfamiliar with it.

The only funds KDOT has that could help Marion County with the cost of paving Remington Road is $130,000 the county is entitled to anyway. That would be just a fraction of the cost to pave the 9-mile stretch of road, the letter from KDOT acknowledged.

Road and Bridge Superintendent Randy Crawford met with the commission in closed session for 10 minutes to discuss personnel. No action was taken on return to open session.

Last modified March 20, 2013