• Last modified 3182 days ago (Dec. 1, 2010)


No more warnings

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke reminds parents and guardians in the community that anyone driving an alternative vehicle such as a golf cart or all-terrain vehicle must have a valid driver’s license.

“When the city council approved the ordinance allowing alternative vehicles on the city streets, some restrictions were placed on vehicle operators,” Burke said. “They need to obey the traffic laws just as if they were operating a standard vehicle.”

Anyone operating an all-terrain vehicle, golf cart, motorcycle, micro-utility vehicle, or any other alternative form of transportation on the streets of Peabody must have a valid driver’s license, must obey all traffic laws, and must comply with the intent of the manufacturer regarding transport of additional passengers.

“For instance, it is not OK to have additional passengers in the area of a golf cart intended for carrying clubs or equipment,” Burke said.

City traffic ordinances are in affect in alleys as well as on city streets.

“The rules still apply,” he said. “Whether the alley is paved, gravel, or overgrown with grass and weeds, the traffic laws still need to be obeyed, just as if the driver is on Walnut Street.

“Peabody Police are through giving warnings,” Burke said. “If you or your child violates the law, we will write a ticket.”

Last modified Dec. 1, 2010