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No chewing tobacco in city buildings

Staff writer

Peabody City Council members voted unanimously Monday evening to prohibit the use of chewing tobacco in all city buildings and equipment.

“The city currently prohibits smoking in all city buildings,” City Administrator Mac Manning said. “We have four employees who do use chewing tobacco. A recent visit to the Police Department and Public Works facility revealed stains and spots in the restrooms and public areas from people spitting out chewing tobacco.”

Manning said that in his opinion, the habit was unsanitary and unsightly. His recommendation to the council was to consider prohibiting the use of any form of tobacco in any city building or vehicle.

After brief discussion, council members approved banning tobacco products per Manning’s suggestion.

In other business:

  • Beth Peter, of the Peabody-Burns Recreation Commission, told the council that the PBRC would like to rebuild the dugouts at the baseball diamond at the city park. PBRC members wondered if there are restrictions on the materials they use. After discussion Peter agreed to come to a future meeting with a firm proposal for what the recreation commission would like to build.
  • After discussion, the council passed the 2011 Standard Traffic Ordinance, eliminating the proposal to have traffic on Locust, Plum, Vine, and Olive streets stop or yield at the intersection with Eighth Street.
  • The council approved the 2011 Uniform Public Offense Code as it was presented.
  • The council approved Ordinance 08-2011 which repealed Ordinance 707 of the City of Peabody, Kansas Code of Ordinances and incorporated by reference Ordinance 07-2011providing for new zoning regulations for the city of Peabody.
  • The council approved a $15,000 roof repair to the building at 115 N. Walnut, being readied to house a new restaurant, Mendoza’s.
  • Police Chief Bruce Burke reviewed the city’s curfew policy for Halloween night which states that anyone under the age of 18 cannot be out past 8:30 p.m. on that night. The council allowed the provision to stand.
  • Following discussion on the duties of city health and safety/animal control officer, the council asked Manning to create a comprehensive view of the jobs the position entails and who among the current staff could best accommodate additional duties. Manning will report to the council at a future meeting.
  • The discussion of the purchase of a new police car also was tabled to a future meeting to add additional information about hybrid cars as an option for the police department.
  • Manning reported that problems with the front door of the police department revealed that the door was installed improperly and needs to be replaced. He will provide options and costs at the next meeting.
  • Council members went into executive session three times to discuss personnel, but took no action on return to open meeting.

Then next city council meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 10 at Peabody City Building.

Last modified Sept. 29, 2011