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New traffic laws take effect

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke, has issued a reminder to local drivers that with Peabody city council’s acceptance in August of the Kansas Standard Traffic Ordinances, his officers will begin ticketing drivers who violate the new laws passed this year by the Kansas Legislature.

Not wearing a seat belt has become a primary offense and drivers may be stopped and ticketed if not belted in. In the past, police ticketed a driver for not wearing a seat belt only when the driver was stopped for another violation. The new regulation also requires that front seat passengers use a seat belt. It does not apply to passengers in the back seat unless they are under the age of 14.

Another new regulation addresses license plate holders vehicle owners purchase to support a business, school, sports team, or other entity. The holder cannot be so large that it obscures any part of the information on the license tag. It may not cover or hide the county abbreviation, state name, renewal sticker, or any tag letters or numbers. Officers now can stop any vehicle owner whose tag holder violates this law.

The new law about texting and driving was also part of the Standard Traffic Ordinance regulations approved by Peabody City Council. Simply put, it is against the law to text while driving. Violators will be ticketed.

Certain sunscreen tints on automobile windows will be a probable cause for stopping a driver if an officer thinks the tinting is too dark. The law requires a minimum of 35 percent of light to come through the window tint.

All Peabody patrol cars are equipped with equipment to check the depth of the tint on windows.

“This, too, is a traffic misdemeanor and will require an appearance before the municipal court judge,” Burke said. “If the vehicle is judged to be in violation, the owner is looking at fines and court costs.”

Anyone with questions about the new regulations or any part of the Kansas Standard Traffic Ordinances should contact Burke or an officer at the Peabody Police Department at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified Sept. 29, 2010