• Last modified 2632 days ago (May 3, 2012)


New scams target elderly

Marion County Department on Aging recently received information from two individuals who received phone calls about a medical card to use with Medicare, Department on Aging Director Gayla Ratzlaff announced in a press release last week.

The callers wanted to verify the person’s address and phone number. The salesmen then asked about their banking account routing numbers. When both of these individuals refused to give this information, the salesmen hung up, Ratzlaff said.

This appears to be some scammers in the area, she said. Many times scammers will come into an area for a couple of weeks and then move on to another area before the word gets out.

“Remember to never give your Medicare number or banking information to anyone who you do not know who you are talking to on the phone,” Ratzlaff advised. “One of the individuals asked the caller how they could trust that they were being honest with them. The caller said she would give her office number at the end of the phone call. There is no guarantee that the phone number would have been legitimate.”

Last modified May 3, 2012