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New radiology machines to come to St. Luke

Staff writer

St. Luke Hospital is looking to add two upgraded machines two their radiology wing: ultrasound and mammography machines.

“What we have now is pretty outdated,” CEO Jeremy Armstrong said. “It’s a dinosaur. We want to be able to give people the best care possible — and, in today’s society, that means we need to have upgraded technology.”

Armstrong said he currently is trying to decide which model is best for the Marion hospital.

While he said he’s looked at several options — all in different price ranges — he said he believes it’s more important right now to spend money wisely, rather than miserly.

“We don’t want to buy these machines and have them be outdated in a year,” he said.

“So, no matter what we buy, it will have the option to be upgradeable with all the latest technology that comes out in the future.”

Armstrong said there have been many advances in 3-D imaging technology — and that it would be a shame to jump ship too early.

In preparation for the upgraded systems, the imaging technicians have been taking advanced courses, which give them the knowledge necessary to operate the equipment.

Armstrong is impressed with their skill and said they will be a great resource in the near future.

“They’ve really invested in learning all they can about the subject,” Armstrong said.

The auxiliary has already agreed to give $25,000 toward the project.

Many members are excited the hospital is replacing the old machines, hoping that it will allow the local physicians to be able to make a proper diagnosis.

With the auxiliary’s assistance and the hospital’s above-budget finances, Armstrong said little should stand in the project’s way.

He believes the hospital should have the new machines by August.

Last modified May 8, 2013