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These dispositions of municipal court cases were reported this past week:


Jacob T. Ellis, failure to yield Aug. 21, $170.

Leslie Byron McFaddenn, failure to report hitting an unattended vehicle, Oct. 10, $140.

Levi Corey Sharp, speeding 17 mph over the limit Dec. 10, $186.

Ericka Renee Wilbourn, speeding 26 mph over the limit Dec. 16, $510.

Muriel Gibson, speeding 12 mph over the limit Jan. 1, $146.


Rueben Bachia, Wichita, convicted Thursday of speeding (65 mph in a 55-mph zone) and of having no license in his possession; fined $305 total, including costs.

Xavier Campbell, Wichita, speeding (71 in 55) and failing to have liability insurance; $1,382.

Adriana Dreier, Newton, driving while her license was suspended and with defective taillights; $390. Charge of failing to have liability insurance dismissed without prejudice.

Lena Fisher, Peabody, no license in her possession; $790.

Matthew Garcia, Florence, illegal license plate; $165. Charge of driving while license was cancelled dismissed without prejudice.

Craig Hamel, Wichita, charges related to color of clearance lamps, identification lamps, side marker lamps, and backup lamps dismissed without prejudice.

Preston McNamara, Independence, possession of marijuana and speeding (70 in 55); $930 and probation. Charge of possession of drug paraphernalia dismissed without prejudice.

Last modified Feb. 7, 2018