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More than a public service announcement

Contributing writer

Throughout the last year or so I think many people would be surprised at how many requests I get as far as what the residents of the community thinks I need to write about.

One individual has been the most persistent with her request; for that, I will grant her wish of expressing a concern, and of course putting my two cents in as far as the issue is concerned. I can thank my grandma for my inspiration on my opinion about littering.

She has many times recalled a public service announcement from several years ago that greatly affected her. It showed a Native American man with tears running down his face, his reservation stretching to the horizon behind him, with obvious garbage strewn throughout. The man begs people to take care of and respect this place that his people have cherished for centuries.

The fact is, in my opinion, we don’t seem to care as much as the man in this PSA does. I think that the proof lies in every single piece of waste that creates an eyesore.

So the next time you see someone toss something out their window or throw something while walking down the street, take a few seconds to ponder that old man and his sadness.

Wait until you have access to a trashcan, not because you’ll get fined if caught, but because we only have one earth. So maybe grandma wasn’t completely off track with her persistence and for that, I express my gratitude.

Last modified Sept. 23, 2009