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More on coyotes, basketball, and rumors of spring

A couple of weeks ago Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke gave me some information to share with you about coyotes moving into the community in search of food. After the story was published, I had several people who live near the west edge of Peabody mention seeing small groups of coyotes or hearing them howling fairly close to the city limits. One person said he left his home for work early one morning and surprised a coyote tearing into garbage that had been pulled from his trash cart.

I mention this so you will know that there have been additional sightings. All pet owners, especially those in the areas where the coyotes have been seen, should be sure their own pets are protected with a current rabies vaccination.

Don’t feed your pets outside where leftover food can be a draw for wild animals. Be sure to keep your garbage secured in the trash container so you are not providing food for coyotes and other wild animals.

I know this is a bit redundant since I just said it all in a recent edition of the paper, but I was surprised by the number of residents who already were aware of the roving bands of coyotes and who had seen them in their neighborhoods. I am just trying to hammer home the point.


Another redundant topic this time of year is my opinion of several facets of the annual college basketball extravaganza that takes place in my living room. I can’t help it, I just have to express my opinion about March Madness.

There is no part of it that I don’t like, except listening to Dick Vitale. I believe I have mentioned before that he makes me want to kick in my television just to shut him up. Will that guy never retire?

On the positive side of basketball season, I can watch just about any college team play ball and stay glued to the action for hours on end. Weekends are wonderful. The NCAA tournament is the best! I think the kids doing the playing are generally tremendous athletes with great heart. They are just so much fun to watch. I don’t watch hockey, football, golf, or baseball, but goodness, I do love college basketball.

And I am always thrilled when one or more of our Kansas teams are front and center. We have three in the running this year and if they had tossed in the Pittsburg State Gorillas or the Washburn Ichabods, I would be cheering for them as well. Rock-shock, EMAW!


Spring arrives this week and I almost hate to mention the daffodils and crocuses popping up because that is a sure invitation for one final dumping of snow or our famous wintery-mix. So, you didn’t hear it from me.


Last modified March 19, 2014