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Memories of this decade, hopes for the next decade

“The World Trade Center, when that happened, then my mom passed away the 18th of that month.”

“My hope for the next decade is that my health gets better, because I had a scare.”

Brenda Moss, Senior center director, Hillsboro

“It really is the financial crisis we’ve found ourselves in and problems with big banks.”

“My concerns for the next decade are the deficit spending the government is doing.”

Cynthia Fleming, Bank president, Hillsboro

“What I remember personally is my recovery from a stroke.”

“For the next decade, my expectation is to translate the New Testament from Greek to English.”

Bob Fenstermacher, Retired, Hillsboro

“The first thing to come to me was the fire at the Mennonite Brethren church.”

“Our small communities in Kansas need to find a way to stay in existence. We can’t be afraid to try crazy ideas that might work.”

Rod Koons, Business owner, Hillsboro

“It is the decade I lost all my hair.”

“My hope for the next 10 years is that they are better than the last 10.”

Austin Babcock, Dentist, McPherson

“Personally, these last 10 years were important for my development and maturity.”

“I’m very excited to see where Tabor goes in the next decade, because we’re at a crossroad.”

Shelby Miller, Tabor College, Hillsboro

“I guess 9/11. I was on the Kansas turnpike heading to a treasurer’s meeting. (During the meeting) we kept getting bulletins. When we went out for lunch, the Topeka Capitol had a special edition out. I think I still have that at home.”

“You always hope for peace. Just peace on Earth and good will toward man.”

Jeannine Bateman, Marion County Treasurer

“KU winning the championship. I just remember how crazy Mass. St. was. People were just being crazy.”

“That we get out of the recession and the United States gets better and stops wars overseas.”

Kara Holt, College student, Topeka

“Having kids: two boys. The most memorable moment was taking them to the Final Four in San Antonio.”

“A return to civility. People just don’t get along anymore. That goes with people’s personal lives and politics.”

Ty Wheeler, Lawyer

“9/11. I was actually at the gym early. Everyone was mesmerized by the television.”

“I just hope next decade is better than this one was. Time called it the decade from hell. (I hope for) more financial stability; people can rely on their jobs and make it.”

Donald Snapp, Lawyer

“This was the most disorganized and confused generation we’ve had in a long time. There’s a number of things you can point to: 9/11, economic situation, terrible thing that has happened to people who are unemployed.”

Don Jolley, Retired, Marion

“I think the most memorable thing this decade was probably 9/11.”

“I think the problem is that we are not unified. I wrote my grandfather a letter thanking him for serving our country. He sent me back a letter that said: you don’t understand. We were just out of high school, serving the country is what we all did. We were unified.”

Jeremiah Lange, Pastor, Marion

“The memory I have of my neighbor Bertha Hovine. She wanted to see the new millennium and she just barely made it. She passed away Jan. 5 2000. The most memorable days were spent with my husband. He just passed away two years ago.”

“I just want to enjoy life and be healthy.”

Gertrude Ray, Retired, Marion

“Advances in health; we kept getting new advances. Think about the fact that new viruses come along but the health community is there ready to take it on with either a cure or a vaccine.

“I hope that our government gets its act together and begins to govern us as our founding fathers advised us.”

Ruth Viets, Retired, Marion

“I think the most dramatic event for our community in the past 10 years was the 2005 ice storm. We were up against the elements on that one, but everyone pulled together. We were able to get individuals out of their homes and into make-shift shelters, we were able to establish a ‘command post’ at the fire station and keep all facets of the operation in one spot.

“We worked exceedingly well as a community.

“The challenge for the next decade will be to face and handle issues that will affect our city, county, and schools.”

Larry Larsen, Mayor, Peabody

“Barack Obama being elected president has to be the most important event. Four years or more of him in office will bring huge changes in the next 10 years as well. I am not saying that he is a positive or negative force, just that there will certainly be an impact.

“Looking ahead to the next 10 years, I would hope we could reach some economic stability. I hope we can count on the government in that area at least.”

Jay Christensen, Postmaster, Peabody

“Since 9-11, I think we have become a more generous nation. I think people are more concerned, compassionate, and caring about others. Not everyone is that way, of course, but I see it in many people — more now than before. People seem more willing to help others.

“My hope for the coming decade is that the economy straightens out. It seems to be recovering and I hope that continues.”

Bobbie Saylor, Waitress, Peabody

“I’ll have to think on that one,” Irvin said of the past 10 years. “And I am not pinning my hopes on anything for the next decade — just going to take it day by day and deal with what comes.”

“I would have to say that we really had good crops this year,” Pauline said. “But that is just from the farmer angle. The economy I would say has had the biggest impact not only Peabody, but on the nation.

“I hope the economy picks up. We can’t afford to have people out of work and unable to support themselves and their families. That would be my hope for the coming years.”

Irvin and Pauline McPheeters, Retired, Peabody

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