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FEBRUARY 2, 1967

Marion County Commissioners have announced that field work in connection with the appraisal of commercial property, as part of the county-wide equalization program, will begin March 6.

A costly prairie fire, whipped by a gusty southwest wind, spread quickly from its place of origin Wednesday afternoon, and before it was stopped had taken a toll of several hundred acres in a three and one-half mile swath.

The farm homes of Rex Seibel, Elmer Geis, and John Mehl were directly in the path of the blaze, but through the good work of firefighters no buildings were lost.

A troupe of country and western music stars from the Grand Ole Opera in Nashville, Tennessee, will appear in Marion for three performances April 4, sponsored by the local Jaycees.

Dedication of the newly remodeled and expanded Strassburg Baptist Church has been set for Sunday, March 12, according to Rev. Donald Decker, pastor of the congregation.

The federated women’s clubs of Marion will participate in the Fourth District music audition contest Saturday in Manhattan. Contestants and the clubs sponsoring them are as follows: Sandra Anderson, Neo-Century; Denise Wiens, KanzAton; Rita Kreutziger, Athena; Helen Jackson, Dawn; Beverly Hoch, Coterie; and Judy Pankratz, 20th Century.

A group of Marionites are enjoying a week’s vacation skiing in Colorado. They are Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Rosse Case, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hannaford, Mr. and Mrs. John Brose, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jost, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Conyers, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Magee, and Max Jackson.

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