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December 26, 1979

Harry Weibert, subject of this week’s “Personality Profile,” made many friends as owner and operator of the Owl Car Café. Now retired, he serves as cemetery sexton and is still caring for his good friends of many years.

Donald “Corky” Siebert will present a free recital Sunday at St. John’s Catholic Church in Pilsen. Corky is the son of Lela Siebert, housekeeper for Pilsen pastor Msgr. Arthur Tonne,

Fanning the flames of public interest in fire safety, fifth grade students in Jean Case’s Marion Elementary School class are pictured as they wave fireman’s hats donated by a fire insurance company.

Students pictured are Pat Bernhardt, Jill Dannenfelser, Michelle Foth, Lucy Guerra, Dale Heidebrecht, David Hett, Devin Kelsey, Terry Looney, Jeff Makovec, Dale Peterson, Mark Raleigh, Robin Scheideman, Jeremy Schlehuber, Jeff Stenzel, Diane Vantuyl, Gail Walker, Sheila Weber, Mike Wheeler, Amy Hett, and Doug Williams.

Dear Santa. I have been a good boy this year. Please bring me 10 fence for my farm set, a race track, a pair of boots, and some cow boy clothes. I will leave cookies and milk. Thank you. Love, Michel Soyez, age 4.

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