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july 19, 1878

Kansas never was as prosperous as she is today. Her granaries are full, money matters are getting easier, and immigration is pouring in rapidly. Glorious Kansas is making grand strides in the competitive march of states.

Mrs. Monohon will serve the public ice cream every Saturday evening during the season. A word to the hungry is sufficient.

We believe we never saw anything like that wheat field of Mr. Kellison’s down by Mr. Arterburn’s. The shocks appear about as thick as the alternate spots on a checker board, and such shocks! Why, each one would be considered a respectable stack in some eastern states.

Wm. Dody of Grant Township is proud possessor of a $10 watch, which he drew in the Kansas City Times lottery.

The sudden and exciting agitation of the waters in Cottonwood River, arousing serious apprehensions of a flood at Florence, was occasioned the other day by Dave Battey bathing in the river at this point.

A.L. Miller and Jas. Baker, with their ten-horsepower machine, threshed 100 bushels of grain in an hour last Saturday. Who can beat it?

County Attorney Reed and Dr. Waring have recently invested in a buggy and horse each. The marriageable young men in the town had better investigate this business before they get “left.”

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