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june 28, 1878

Let every house in town display the Star-Spangled Banner next Thursday.

Our friend, John Carter of Florence was the happy recipient the other day of a fine boy. As Mr. Carter is a bashful man, it may be as well to explain that the little fellow is an orphan, over 2 years old, and comes to that man’s hospitable home for adoption from the Home of the Friendless at Leavenworth. Who knows but that boy may get to be president some day, or even the editor of a newspaper!

C.R. Roberts brought us a couple of roasting ears Wednesday from his field. If anyone ever before had corn large enough to eat on the 26th of June let them speak out or forever hereafter hold their peace.

John Mehl’s stone building looks much improved by the excellent job of raised-pointing that John Nelson and Tom O’Brien did with their little trowels.

Our usually quiet town was thrown into excitement last Sunday morning by the drowning in the Cottonwood River of Eddie Lepper, a lad 11 years of age. Eddie went down to the river just before noon to bathe, accompanied by a younger brother. Shortly, the screams of the latter attracted his father, who arrived just in time to see his boy sinking the last time. The town was immediately aroused, and from noon till sundown strenuous efforts were made to recover the body, which were finally successful. His untimely death casts a gloom over the entire community.

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