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april 5, 1878

Hereafter the Record office will be found on the first floor of the Record building, where all parties with money for us will please call. Fellows who come to thrash the editor will please pass on up stairs, as usual.

There are at least a thousand acres of orchard in Marion County. The objections to this county, founded on the absence of fruit, are rapidly passing away.

Marion County produced 9,288 pounds of wool in 1876, the date of the last statistics on the subject. This does not include the wool snatched from editorial craniums during the year.

Six wagons of emigrants, natives of Pennsylvania, recently from Missouri, passed through Tuesday on their way to Pawnee County.

Last Wednesday night, while John Burkholder and Aaron Erb were attempting to cross French Creek in a buggy, they missed the crossing, and the vehicle capsized, dumpling them into about eight feet of water, where they came near finding a watery grave but fortunately escaped with no greater bodily harm than a rather cold ducking.

Messrs. Jex & Groat have a contract to cut stone for the front of a new business building in Newton. We can say to their Newton employer that he will find Messrs. Jex and Groat master workmen in their line, also square, honorable gentlemen to deal with. The work will be skillfully and conscientiously done.

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