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FEB. 15, 1878

We don’t believe in borrowing trouble but may remark that if there should be as much rain fall in the coming spring as last, there’ll be another freshet compared to which the last one was a complete failure. The ground was probably never before so thoroughly soaked as it is at present.

Mr. I.M. Risley of Risley Township, who has been a subscriber to the Record from its first issue and also to its predecessor, the Giant, called to see us yesterday.

Stormy weather put a sudden stop to religious meetings conducted last week by the Presbyterians. The attendance was good to the close, but there were no conversions.

Timber has been stolen from the northeast quarter of Section 10, Town 20 South, Range 5 East. I know the thief, and I warn him to keep away, or he will pay a big price for his stable timber. —Austin Perry

Cottonwood Falls has a German Immigration Society auxiliary to the state society. Why hasn’t Marion County?

An aged Russian, endeavoring to get a balky horse to cross Muddy Creek bridge, furnished amusement to a crowd last Tuesday.

Dr. Morey is not despondent every time he “looks down in the mouth.” He is the county dentist and can be found for a few days at the Centre House. Call and see him.

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