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september 2, 1881

Noble little Mrs. Garfield has recently given another exhibition of that pluck which has made her famous. Last Friday when the President seemed to be rapidly nearing the end, his physicians held a counsel and appointed two of their number of inform Mrs. Garfield that they had given up her husband and could do nothing more for him.

Repressing her emotion, the brave little woman replied, “You shan’t give him up. I haven’t given him up, and you musn’t. Go back to your posts of duty and do all you can till the very last.”

Won’t that be a loving couple if the sick man recovers? As now, thank God there is cheery hope that he will.

Amid life’s trials and troubles there is always some occasion for rejoicing. The chigger season is nearly over.

To make the mouth water and faith revive in drouthy Kansas, one wants to go and look at the hundreds of loaded peach trees, golden with luscious fruit, in the orchard of A.T. Remer, on section 28 in Wilson township. He has hundreds of bushels to sell, ripe this week and next.

Book No. 26 is missing from the Library. The holder please return it at once.

The event which has been looked forward to with mingled feelings of pleasure and anxiety, by our Methodist brethren, namely, the dedication of their new church, transpired last Sunday, and was in all respects of such a character as to fill the hearts of the ”little flock” with gladness.

The foundation for Hon. R.M. Crane’s residence is now ready for the carpenters. The foundation is of stone to level of ground and of brick several feet above ground.

Hinchcliff & Tidyman have succeeded in burning another hundred thousand good brick and work upon the brick buildings already under contract here will now proceed vigorously.

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