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OCT. 14, 1887

Marion will be illuminated with electric light for the first time tomorrow night. The circuit has been completed, and nearly all other necessary arrangements are nearly perfected, so that if no unforeseen circumstance prevents, the light will be turned on as stated. This marks an epoch in the history of the Queen of the Cottonwood.

Mr. J.W. Bowlby was the victim of a strange accident last Sunday morning. While sitting in the house discussing the relative merits of shell-cappers, he was holding a large brass shell in his left hand. While carelessly removing the cap, the thing exploded, bursting the brass shell and fearfully mangling his hand.

An alleged newspaper printed somewhere in this city and called the Marion Register keeps doping its little dab of readers with falsehoods about the editor of the Record. It is sort of a secret, and nobody much would find it out if we should keep quiet about it, but then we want to warn what few scattering readers it has not to believe anything it says about us, or anybody else, for that matter. It couldn’t tell the truth if it tried, and it hasn’t tried for a long time.

The Record is enjoying quite a subscription boom. Somehow or other, people will take the Old Thing and, after taking it awhile, stick closer to it than Kansas mud to a wagon wheel.

Last modified Sept. 28, 2022