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OCT. 7, 1887

County commissioners have called an election for Nov. 8 to decide whether a tax shall be levied sufficient to raise $10,000 with which to erect suitable buildings on the county’s poor farm. We reckon that it is a matter of necessity under the circumstance and that the amount should be voted.

We regret to learn that Fred Wheeler, Marion’s accomplished photographer, has about decided to return to his former home in Illinois. We cannot afford to lose these people and trust they can be induced to remain here.

Loveless and Sackett have added another feature to their store that gives it still greater preeminence.

We refer to the modern railway cash system by which all monies and credit and debit slips are sent whirling from the six convenient stations throughout the establishment to the cashier’s and bookkeeper’s department in the north part of the room, returning to the clerk with whatever change or information he may need.

Of course, this system of doing business is quite common in large cities, but it is unusual in small towns and adds considerably to Marion’s strides toward metropolitan characteristics.

The wife of friend Shumway presented that gentleman with a 12-pound girl Wednesday morning, the second one in 17 years.

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