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April 8, 1892

Most of our readers are tolerably familiar, at least, ere this, with the particulars of the great storm that visited Kansas and many other states last Friday.

In this county, the storm was the severest in its history. No very serious damage was done, however, anywhere in the county except in the southeast.

Near Florence, death and destruction marked its passage. The home of Mr. Dunn was swept away, and the husband and wife were fatally injured. The home of Mr. Frank Hobert was destroyed, but none of the family was very seriously hurt.

Near Elk, just over the line in Chase County, Mr. Wm. Risher, an old man 75 years of age, was killed, and his wife and son severely injured. Their home was blown away.

John Munro’s house was blown away, but no one was severely hurt. Many incidents of less importance concerning the storm could be given, if space permitted.

There have been 20 carloads of cattle shipped direct to Chicago from Antelope and 24 to Kansas City since Jan. 31, making a total of 44 carloads in about two months. This makes a good showing for Antelope as a shipping point.

A careful perusal of Steiner’s advertisement will give you some idea of the low prices they are making on clothing, but a visit to their store will demonstrate the fact that the half is not told in their ad. They also have some specialties in dress goods that the ladies should see before making their spring purchases.

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