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january 2, 1892

The 4:30 passenger train on the Rock Island was snow-bound here yesterday morning, and is still here.

In a turkey-shooting contest between R.L. King and the rest of the lawyers Tuesday, King got the turkeys by a large majority.

Austin Bozeman and Co’s delivery horse caught his foot in a barbed wire fence while in pasture last Sunday and was injured so that he had to be killed.

Another of our esteemed subscribers, Mr. Jess Hudson, father-in-law of S.J. Proctor, has tried the experiment of leaving Kansas, with the usual result. After a couple of years in Illinois, he discovered there was no place like Kansas, after all, and returned with his family last week. We welcome the prodigal home.

A series of delightfully sunshiny days, like May days, ended Wednesday evening with a heavy rainstorm, accompanied with much thunder and lightning. It brought one of the heaviest snowstorms we have ever seen in Kansas. As we write, the wind is blowing violently and snow is piled up in great heaps, making travel almost impossible. Business is suspended, and the end is not yet.

Last modified Dec. 31, 2015