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OCT. 18, 1917

You can buy a $50 liberty bond in installments as follows: $1 when you make the application, $9 on Nov. 15, $20 on Dec. 15, and $20 on Jan.15. Remember that these bonds draw 4% and are not subject to taxes. Your local banker will take your application.

The county commissioners have set a hearing on a drainage district petition for Nov. 11. The district proposed in the petition covers a distance of four or five miles up each of the streams and about the same distance down the Cottonwood.

As there are no patients at the hospital this week, it is being cleaned, fumigated, and put in perfect order for the winter.

Close to 900 people paid admission Tuesday evening to the Auditorium, the main attraction being a black-face sketch put on in addition to the regular program by Bob Florer and Harry Rogers. A fine time was had by all who were there.

The Burkholder and Sacket families visited at Fort Riley and Camp Funston last Sunday, making the trip by auto.

Red Cross headquarters have been moved to the courthouse basement on account of the expense of heating the room previously occupied. A large number of women are responding faithfully and generously with their time and work but more are needed. It is our solemn duty to do our share in the work as much as it is the duty of our soldiers to face the enemy, and no woman wants to be found in the slacker class.

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