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november 10, 1921

“Hard work and economy,” says my old friend Pete Goebel, the big banker, “are the only things that will get us back to a normal state.” Wise words and true, but there’s a rub. Less work and more pay is the slogan, these days. And if my neighbor has a Cadillac, I must have one.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J. Stenzel’s new 9-room modern bungalow on west Santa Fe St. is nearing completion and is a fine addition to that part of town. They expect it to be ready for them the first of the month.

This has been a great building year in Marion, and the writer has heard, already, of three fine new residences that are being “blue printed” for next year.

Mr. and Mrs. George Powell have been conducting the Century Restaurant this week in the absence of the proprietors, McGrary & Mahaffey, who are in Wichita on business.

The Federated Ladies will hold their Fall Festival and Cake Walk at Penland’s new barn Friday evening, Nov. 11th. Everybody invited.

An illustration of how brightening up of things being contagious is noted on our streets. First, Will Graves painted his dray. Then the City delivery wagons put on a new clean looking coat of paint and there comes Clarence Winchester with a fine new up-to-date ice truck. Who next?

The Bell Telephone employees enjoyed a wienie roast Friday evening at the Roberts farm west of town. They feasted on roasted wienies and potatoes, sandwiches, and coffee and had a very enjoyable time. Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Boothe, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer DuVall and William, Mrs. Margaret Weimer, and the telephone force made up the party, fifteen in number for the merry occasion.

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