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august 5, 1920

Workmen who were excavating for the abutments for the Winkley bridge northwest of Aulne ran into the shattered bones of some prehistoric animal yesterday. They were at a depth about sixteen feet. One of the bones found, the lower joint of the hip bone, probably, is about a foot in diameter. The bones are probably those of one of the large reptile forms inhabiting this region when it was part of the sea, but it has not been accurately determined.

The Marion Milling Co. is going to build a new elevator here. The site of the building will be just south of the Rock Island depot. We understand that the elevator will be of 25,000-bushel capacity.

Jacob Batt received a car load of cars last week. Some Hudson and Essex models.

Boys continue to make trouble for the city in its efforts to maintain a nice place in the park for tourists. The city has fitted up the building with lights, water, and lavatory facilities at quite an expense but the boys persist in making it such a foul place that some of the time it is unusable. An effort should be made to catch one of the offenders and make an example of him.

FOUND—Pair of shoes, on Santa Fe Trail, about half mile north. Loser can get same by calling at McCullough Filling Station.

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