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december 23, 1915

There is every probability that oil and gas prospecting will begin near here inside of a few weeks. There have been two companies taking up leases here and one in the Antelope neighborhood. The first work will likely be done south of town.

The cake social at the Brown school last Wednesday evening was a success both socially and financially. Among the exercises of the evening, Mrs. T.B. Matlock gave several fine dialect readings which were heartily encored and to which graciously responded. Proceeds from the cakes was about $25.

Major Fred Lewis expects to go to Emporia about the first of January to begin work in connection with the erection of the new building at the State Normal.

Our correspondent from Wren District 5 would like to inform the correspondent from Oursler that there is another use for the Ford car, besides hauling furniture and such. “On looking out the window one day last week we beheld one of the prosperous farmers of this vicinity hauling a sheep to market in the back seat of his Ford. Can you beat that?”

While the Livoni family and Miss Lena Livoni was driving home from church last Sunday, a tree dropped down and frightened the horses and the buggy overturned. Miss Lena suffered the greatest injury. Both arms were broken and one bone in two places.

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